There is POWER IN NUMBERS! As an arts organization we are often asked how many artists live in Newport; we'd like to be able to give an accurate number! Why? Because we need statistics to secure artist housing in Newport; create workshops that help individuals apply for -- and win -- arts-related grant funding; get permission to host arts markets in odd places; and to create other projects.

If we want a city that FOCUSES on making itself a great place for artists to live and work we have to declare ourselves as a population and make ourselves visible. We make the town great, why not make the town great for us?

So, if you are you an artist living in Newport, please put your name down! Share widely; the more artists we can account for the more leverage we each have to create the changes we want to see!

Thank you!


The NAH team.

**Photo by Mitchell Sanders**

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How do you feel?
How do you feel?
I feel encouraged to make, share, and live my art in Newport.
More could be done in our town to boost the visibility and sustainability of the arts community in Newport.
I would like for there to be an artist residency with resources for artists in Newport.


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