Snapshot Fiscal Year 2016: Read Up on Our Activities So Far!


Our Mission:

To Nurture, Showcase and Promote the Contemporary Arts of Newport County, R.I.

Nurture: Create venues for conversation between experienced artists, existing organizations, studio spaces, residencies, and Newport’s artist community to build capacity, create community, and encourage mentorship and skill sharing.

Showcase: Organize collaborations between the private and public sector entities to create spaces, events, and product that allow artist network to share work, sell their craft, and promote their creative practice.

Promote: Advocate for the arts and artists of Newport in city- and state-wide conversations around the arts. Be an advertising, networking and community hub for the arts in Newport with a vision to stand on the side of arts-activities in economic-development discussions.



To make Newport a regional, national, and international hub for the creative arts where artists can live affordably, practice liberally, and partake openly in the vision and planning of the future of the city.

To create programming opportunities that can be replicated in other places that refer to the above goals.

To reify local arts communities as imperative to the new experience-based economic structure.



Newport Art House believes in the  following statements:

·      A supportive community is essential to provide a stable place of belonging.

·      Arts and artists are instrumental to a community's sense of identity, inclusion, and diversity in cities, places, and neighborhoods.


·      Creative expression allows for expansion. Fostering a spirit of newness and originality leads to greater independence and openness to challenges.

·      Artists are instrumental to the resilience of communities, and are significant economic drivers. Sustainable cities embrace their artists.


·      Self actualization and self-transcendence are possible through nurturing a belief in human capacity, paving the way for self-love, peace, and self-surprise.

·      Visions for the future of cities, places, and neighborhoods cannot be innovative nor inclusive without the voice, vision, and participation of its artist community.


·      Trust and a radical vulnerability are possible through authentic dialogue, honesty, communication and a willingness to understand.

·      The arts are a pathway out of emotional poverty. The arts are a pathway toward a richer local economy.