About Newport Art House:

We are a non-profit group with the mission to nurture, showcase and promote the contemporary arts of Newport County, RI. We believe in the potential of emerging artists in creating a creative economy and strive to facilitate successful, mutually beneficial  partnerships between the arts, the non-profit sector, and the business community. Rhode Island is uniquely positioned to be an artrs destination and we're determined to have the talents of Newport at the table!

About NewPorch Live Sessions:

NewPorch is an online video series capturing emerging musicians on porches and semi-public spaces throughout Newport, RI. The project creates remixes of spaces, highlights the volume and diversity of local talent, and recognizes the contemporary artist’s contribution to Newport’s cultural value while subtly infusing it with public time-based art.


Goals of the NewPorch Live Sessions:

  1. Provide local musicians with quality online content for use in band promotion to increase their reach and opportunity.
  2. To provide businesses with new-market customers through sponsorship of series, and through hosting of original music in their establishments.
  3. To elevate the talent of Newport and assist in creating a public perception of Newport that includes a vibrant contemporary arts culture.


Value to your business in sponsoring this project:

Do you want your brand to be associated with great music, community art support, and a Newport that is hip, creative, interesting, culturally rich, and full of cool places? If you're interested in reaching a new market, expanding on your online marketing, and being seen as forward thinking NewPorch is a great opportunity for you. With multiple ways to support the project your business can enjoy exposure on everything from our written materials, representation at our events photo backdrop and on NewPorch Live Session Web-site and social media, to the prominence of video-embedded sponsorship that will be shared between the bands, their fans, their businesses promoting their shows, and visitors to Newport looking for things to do.

This is a project with artistic integrity and a robust marketing component; come along for the ride and enjoy our success with us!


NewPorch Live Session Details:

Series of 8 Videos of eight different musical acts in unique locations throughout Newport.

One ten second black screen at start of each video for Title Sponsor.

One fifteen second screen at the end of each video for six sustaining sponsors (sponsors above $1000).

Eight public Video Release events to celebrate the project, each with music and a video showing in a local venue.

One year of advertising through the project, which runs between May 2016 and April 2017.

Tap into the social networks of taste-makers, musicians and their fans, Newport Art House market, and general millennial market.

We are fiscally sponsored by the Newport Chamber of Commerce and can offer receipts for tax purposes to individual supporters only. 


NewPorch Live Session Sponsorship Levels:

Ways to support: Sponsoring NewPorch Live Sessions is an advertisement opportunity.

  1. Contributor $75-$150, listed on NewPorch Live Session website as contributor
  2. Friend: $150-$250, al benefits of Contributor, plus logo presence on website and media at events.
  3. Partner: $250-$500, al benefits of Friend, plus logo on printed materials associated with NewPorch Live Sessions.
  4. Patron: $500-$1000, al benefits of Partner, plus logo material on back-splash at events, banners etc. and two complimentary tickets to annual event.
  5. Arts Advocate: $1000-$2500, all benefits of Patron, plus logo at the back of 3 NewPorch Live Session videos.
  6. Benefactor: $2500-$5000, al benefits of Arts Advocate plus logo at the back of 6 NewPorch Live Sessions videos.
  7. Philantropist: $5000-$10,000 all benefits of Benefactor, plus logo on all Newport Art House related printed material and event media for years 2016-2017.
  8. Title Sponsor: All benefits of Philanthropist, plus exclusive large title sponsorship placement on all videos in the NewPorch Series, plus two additional complimentary tickets to annual event. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Tracy Jonsson at tracyjonsson@newportarthouse.org or 401 855 4691.

Thank you for for supporting the NewPorch Live Sessions, we're excited to have your partnership! An invoice will be sent to your email within 24 hours with the amount you specify below requested.





Thank you for supporting this project!